Geographic Information Systems / Maps

General Information

Our Mission

The Lucas County Auditor's GIS Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) supports and enhances the County's mission of collaboratively providing and maintaining accurate and current geographic information for the benefit of the entire community.

We currently provide County officials, 47 agencies, and the general public with Geographic Information solutions. The GIS technology integrates data from geodatabases, online map services, map layers, and models of geographic data to help make more informed decisions.


  • Create and maintain digital mapping data layers
  • Provide and administer a primary geodatabase repository for county GIS data
  • Create custom maps in digital or hard copy
  • Provide geographic data development guidance
  • Create and support web based GIS based applications
  • Provide GIS training and community outreach
  • Fill GIS data requests
  • Provide technical support to GIS end users
  • Coordinate multi-agency / regional GIS projects and data acquisition

Lucas County Regional GIS Collaborative

With a focus on leveraging resources across all GIS using public agencies in the region, the Lucas County Auditor and other agency partners in the county, such as the Engineer, Sanitary Engineer, City of Toledo, E-911 Emergency Services, TMACOG, Metroparks, and several other local municipalities, all recognize the value of collaborating on regional GIS dataset acquisitions (i.e., imagery, street centerlines, address points, etc.) as well as linking our data to provide consistency, accuracy, and availability among agencies.

Open Data Initiative

The Lucas County Auditor’s GIS Department understands the importance of making our GIS Data available in a transparent and easy-to-use manner. In order to support this initiative, the Auditor has several available options:

AREIS Online - The mapping solution within AREIS Online allows citizens to search and select properties, and have access to their attributes. In addition, several mapping layers are available to view, such as the floodplain, building footprints, school districts, wetlands, census tracts, thematic mapping of values across the county, and several years of aerial imagery.

File Downloads – Register for an account here, and you will have access to the most often requested data from the Auditor. Download our GIS parcels, streets, and building footprints data in a geodatabase format. Also, you can download a Microsoft Access Database that contains all of our Real Estate Data. Our data is updated every day, so you can go back and download at any time.

ESRI’s ArcGIS for Server open data site - This site accesses our enterprise GIS, which means the datasets we are presenting are always in sync with the version of the data that County GIS staff is using. You can access our open data site here:


2016 Pictometry Imagery Acquisition

Available on AREIS Online, Pictometry provides oblique (captured at a 45 degree angle) imagery that allows a more natural perspective, making objects easier to recognize. See properties in a 360 degree view. See imagery from several different years.

2017 Aerial Imagery

In conjunction with the Engineer’s Office, E-911 Emergency Services, and the City of Toledo, Lucas County acquired aerial imagery in spring of 2017. This imagery is available in all of our GIS applications, including AREIS Online and Engineer’s websites.

Lucas County Enterprise GIS Integration

In support of the Lucas County Auditor’s goal of data collaboration and open data initiatives, the Auditor’s GIS department is working to accommodate other agencies’ data and workflow into their GIS Enterprise system. We have already successfully integrated the Lucas County Engineer and the Sanitary Engineer’s data into our Enterprise. We are currently working on creating an editing environment where other County agencies, municipalities, and citizens can help to edit, create, and manage GIS data.