Board of Revision Pandemic Relief


The application period is NOW CLOSED.  

Under State of Ohio, Senate Bill 57, property owners who believe that their property lost value due to COVID-19 were able file a COVID Complaint from AUGUST 3, 2021 UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2, 2021.  The application period is NOW CLOSED.  

COVID COUNTER COMPLAINTS ONLY may be filed ONLINE using this link: BORSmartfile

The 2020 deadline to file a standard complaint with the Board of Revision has passed. The next filing period will be January 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022 in order to contest 2021 property values. 

Property owners with current Board of Revision cases for 2020 may call (419) 213-4406 with questions or concerns.

Please note:  Anyone wishing to submit further evidence for an existing Board of Revision case may do so by sending an email at least five days prior to the hearing date. 

Information about the Board of Revision

The Board of Revision (BOR) is comprised of the County, Treasurer, Auditor, and President of the County Commissioners or their representatives, and annually hears taxpayers' complaints regarding the valuation of their real property. The Board hears complaints on residential, as well as commercial, industrial, and agricultural property. 

Prior to a Board scheduled hearing, property owners are urged to bring evidence supporting their request for a change in value, such as recent sales figures, sales contracts, or independent appraisals. Complainants may also research the Auditor's appraisal of their property in the Auditor's Office or via AREIS ONLINE (Auditors Real Estate Information System). Homeowners with questions about their property values may contact the Auditor's Education and Outreach Department at (419) 213-4406.

What if I am not satisfied with the decision I was given?
If you are not satisfied with the Board of Revision's decision, you may appeal your case to the State of Ohio Board of Tax Appeals or the Lucas County Common Pleas Court.