Rental Registration 

If you own residential real estate and you don't reside in the property AND you are  renting the property to someone, this law does apply to you and you should file a rental registration. It's the law and failure to register may subject you to fines.

Generally speaking, if you own property, don’t live in it and receive compensation from others
who do live in it – there is a good chance HB 294 applies to you and you should read and file
the enclosed Lucas County Rental Registration Form. If you are not certain – you should consult
your attorney or contact our office.

Rental Registration File Online:

Rental Registration Fillable PDF to Print and File:

Rental Registration Database.  Search any property currently registered:

Property Rental Registration Database (excel)
Property Rental Registration Database (pdf)

Key to using the Rental Registration Database:
A through D are the rental property address, parcel and owner name.
E through H are the names of owners and/or contact person.
I telephone number.
J through S are rental property owner's and/or contact persons' mailing address.

To search the Excel database, use the binoculars "Find and Select" icon, in the top right.
To search the PDF database, while holding down in the "Ctrl" key press the "F" key. 

Rental Registration FAQs

The State of Ohio requires that all rental properties be registered with the County Auditor. It's the law and failure to register may subject you to fines.