Site Plans

The planning section works directly with the eleven township zoning departments to assist in providing engineering reviews of proposed Site Plans. Site Plan requirements are typically stated in the township zoning resolutions and plans are generally submitted for preliminary and final review. Once the plans have been approved by the County Engineer, project construction can begin. Two of the more significant issues with most development are the impacts of Traffic and Drainage. Traffic Impact Studies (TIS) are conducted when significant development is proposed. These studies provide information on how the proposed development will impact the existing roadway network. The Traffic and Planning Sections review the TIS to determine what improvements to the surrounding roadways will be required, such as road widening and resurfacing, turn lanes, traffic signals, etc. Access Management Regulations (PDF) are also a design component that is to be addressed as part of the development process for both large and small developments. The Drainage and Planning sections review the overall drainage design for the proposed development and ensure it is in conformance with the County Drainage Design Standards (PDF).