Is Your Business Ready?


Many businesses, especially medium to large corporations, have operation programs through the establishment of business continuity plans, training, and exercises.

Using Good Business Sense

The reason they have done so is simple! It makes good business sense. If a business is inoperable because of an emergency for any length of time, profits are lost. Customers may look for products or services elsewhere, skilled employees may move on to other jobs, if they are out of work for too long and suppliers may be disrupted or fail entirely.

Health and Wellness Tools for Business

In order to protect the health and safety of their employees and their businesses, business owners and managers should:
  • Prepare, review, revise and exercise their emergency plans and evacuation procedures; and
  • Maintain an emergency supplies, including not only survival items (water, flashlight, special medications), but also items that will provide comfort if you are evacuated (comfortable shoes and a first-aid kit)
Flu and Wellness
Business Planning
Planning for Critical Infrastructure

More Information

It makes good business sense to have your business functioning as quickly as possible after the onslaught of an emergency. The ability to continue operations may be the key to the survival of the company. For information on steps to take to assure that your business is prepared visit FEMA’s