Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Learn the steps needed to prepare for the unthinkable events that can happen in life.
FEMA's Ready Website

Emergency Alerts
Lucas County EMA maintains a network of 131 outdoor warning sirens that are tone activated by the Sheriff's dispatchers when severe weather strikes.
Getting the Warning

Homeland Security Awareness

Understanding Homeland Security threats and how you can prepare for them is important to everyone.
Official website of the Department of Homeland Security

Is Your Business Ready?

It makes good business sense to have your business functioning as quickly as possible after the onslaught of an emergency.
Is Your Business Ready?

Emergency Preparedness for Kids
Kids Since we cannot always be there to protect our children, they need to know what to do when emergencies occur.
Let's Get Ready Kids

Emergency Preparedness for Pets
Pets are often full-fledged family members, and any family emergency plan must include them to be truly complete.
Are Your Pets Ready?