Hazardous Materials


While many materials derived from chemicals allow us to live a quality of life that is the envy of the world some chemicals or materials can pose a threat to communities when they come into contact with people, are spilled on the ground, leach into our waterways or are released into the air. In the home you should always use, store and dispose of chemicals according to the instructions on containers. Businesses and industries are encouraged to use safe practices when handling, storing or using these materials. When hazardous materials are released as a result of transportation or industrial accidents they often pose an extreme threat to health and safety.

  • Learn what specific hazards may be present in your community.
  • Develop a Family Emergency Plan including a plan to communicate with family members.
  • Assemble a Disaster Kit for your home and vehicles with enough food, water and supplies for your family and pets to last up to seventy-two hours.
  • Have a tone activated weather radio, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home.
  • When alerted to an emergency tune into local radio and TV networks. Always follow the instructions of police, fire and local officials.
  • Prepare to Shelter in Place or plan ahead on where you will go if instructed to evacuate.

    Local Emergency Planning Committee

    Find out what potential risks from hazardous materials may exist within your community by contacting the Lucas County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).