Lucas County Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

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Does this cost anything?

Lucas County Alerts is a free service provided by Lucas County. However, normal message fees may apply. Contact your phone service provider for more information about what fees may apply to you.

Why do you need my address?

If an emergency only affects a neighborhood or region within the county, Lucas County Alerts has the ability to send an alert just to the residents who live within the affected area. By giving us your address, you will be able to receive alerts about nearby emergency situations which may not affect the entire county.

What is the difference between Lucas County Alerts and City of Toledo Alerts, Monclova Township Alerts, etc.?

Lucas County Alerts sends subscribers text messages and emails alerting them of emergencies such as tornado warnings, Amber Alerts, snow emergencies, and more.

Lucas County has also partnered with communities in the county to allow their residents to sign up for important community-specific notifications in addition to emergency alerts. Those communities are able to send their own notifications with information relevant to their residents, such as trash pickup delays, road closures, and more.

Contact your local government offices to find out more about what kinds of notifications are available through your community.

My city, village, or township is in Lucas County but isn’t listed on the sign up page. Can I still sign up?

Yes, anyone can sign up for Lucas County Alerts. Community based notifications are optional and are meant to provide important but non-emergency related information. You will still receive emergency alerts without selecting any community alert options.

We are always working to get more communities involved, so stay tuned if yours isn’t listed!

I don’t live in Lucas County. Can I sign up?

Yes, you can still sign up even if you are not a Lucas County resident. Many people who work or have family in Lucas County choose to subscribe to stay aware of relevant emergency situations. However, Lucas County Alerts will only notify you of emergencies that occur within Lucas County.

If you work or have family in Lucas County but don’t live here, you may want to enter the address of your workplace or family member’s home to receive alerts about emergencies nearby that location.

Why can’t I sign up for voice calls?

Text messages and emails are the fastest and most efficient methods of sending emergency alerts to a large number of people. Voice calls – even automated ones – take a long time to send, and in emergency situations, it is essential to get the message out as quickly as possible. Because of Lucas County’s large population, it may take hours to send a voice call to every resident at times when residents need to know in a matter of minutes.

Having problems with Lucas County Alerts?

Are you receiving duplicate texts and emails?
Are you having problems signing up?

If so, please call Lucas County EMA and ask for help with Lucas County Alerts. Our telephone number is 419-213-6503. We will be glad to assist you with any issues that you may have.