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Lucas County Board of Elections


Normal Office Hours:             8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Monday – Friday

Rate of Pay:                             $12.36

Status:                                     Part-time - Non-Bargaining Unit – Benefits

                                                (will work a minimum of three days per week)



Reports to the Field Operations Supervisor. Responsible for preparing all voting machines for each Election including, but not limited to, Logic and Accuracy Testing, battery charging, and assessment of needed repairs and/or replacement of said voting equipment; Delivery and pick-up of all voting equipment at assigned polling locations; Delivery and inspection of each ADA-compliant TSX Machine with VIBS Unit for operability; Delivery/set-up/retrieval of all ADA Accessibility signage, ramps, etc.; Responsible for ensuring that all precinct grips contain the required/necessary election supplies found on the grip inventory list; Responsible in staging and assisting in grip and Troubleshooter kit pick-up prior to Election Day;  Responsible for properly labeling all voting units and ballot canisters; Responsible for properly and accurately labeling and programming all precinct Voter Access Encoders; Ability to be cross-trained with respect to accurate data entry and other functions of DIMS-Net; Must maintain confidentiality and business integrity; Performs all other duties as assigned, by the Supervisor/Director/Deputy Director, the Board of Elections, and/or as prescribed by law.

This position is part time and shall not exceed hours set by the Board of Elections in a given year.


Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma or Equivalent;

Excellent organizational skills;

Excellent interpersonal skills which include effective verbal and written communications;

Demonstrates adaptability, flexibility, and dependability;

Self-motivated and able to work well under pressure;

Must be PC literate with a command of MS Office applications;

Must demonstrate the ability to create spreadsheets and databases using MS Excel and Access;

Must maintain an ongoing understanding of changes in Federal and State Statutory Requirements affecting the Election process;

Demonstrates a professional attitude and appearance.



Position opens June 15, 2018

Position open until filled.

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If you are interested in becoming a Seasonal Employee please fill out the Seasonal Worker Application and fax completed application to (419) 213-4069.
Are you are interested in working on election day as a Precinct Election Official.

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