Prescription Drug Use Review Program

Prescription Drug Use Review Program

The Prescription Drug Use Review Program provides for private and confidential sessions between the patient and a participating pharmacist. National data indicates patients feel better when they take their medications properly. These sessions are designed to educate the participant on the proper usage of their medication. While the pharmacist cannot alter the physician's prescribing wishes, these sessions assist the physician in monitoring for negative interaction and unwanted side effects with other prescription medications, supplements and over the counter products, many of which previously required a prescription.

This program is not only very popular with enrollees but has resulted in improved patient outcomes. You are a prime candidate for this program if:
1. You are taking multiple prescription medications;
2. You are combining prescription medications with supplements or over the
counter medications;
3. You are being doctored by multiple physicians who are prescribing
medications; or,
4. You are taking your medications but you just don't feel well.
This program is free and completely confidential. There is no cost to participate. Employees, spouses, and dependent children enrolled in the Lucas County employee prescription drug plan are eligible to participate. The program duration is twelve months from the date of the initial session and resets each calendar year. Enrollees who complete the program are welcome to re-enroll in order to continue to enjoy the incentives to participate.

Incentives to Participate

* A 90-days supply of Tier I and Tier II prescription medications at the 30 day supply co-
payment. Note: Tier III medications are not available with a 90-day supply.
 * Each enrollee who completes the program may receive up to $50.00 worth of coupons
toward their Tier II prescription drug co-payment at the participating pharmacy.
* Enrollees who complete the program will have their annual out-of-pocket maximum for
Tier II brand name medications limited to $350.00/year and a $500.00/year out-of-
pocket maximum for Tier III medications.
* For patients with diabetes, free test strips and lancets are provided for each
month and your blood sugar readings are reviewed and recorded. Results may be
forwarded to your physician at your request.
* If an enrollee has four (4) Tier II brand name medications each costing $25.00 in co-
payments per month, they will spend $400.00 in twelve months. If that same enrollee completes this program, they will be limited to
an out-of-pocket maximum of $350.00; a savings to the enrollee of $50.00.
* Patients currently using a NON-DUR Pharmacy or the mail order program may benefit from routine access to a
pharmacist and other medical professionals. Note: While enrolled in the Drug Use
Review Program, the mail order program is suspended.

Services Available

* Regular private sessions with a pharmacist to discuss your medications, supplements
and over-the-counter drugs.
* During each visit to the pharmacist or nurse, your blood pressure will be taken and
your cholesterol and blood glucose levels may be checked.
* Certain participating pharmacies have agreed to forward your test results to your
physician directly. This may save you the cost of a lab test when you visit your

No pharmacists can alter or override a prescription. Only your physician can change your medication. This process is not intended as a substitution for the professional judgment of the prescribing physician or any other health care professional providing services to you.

Some County elected officials have agreed to allow up to an hour of work release time for the initial Drug Use Review session. If you use work release time for the initial session, you must show documentation of attendance from the participating pharmacy. Please check with your elected official for their participation regarding work release time.

Questions about the program may be directed to the participating pharmacies listed, or Employee Benefits at (419)213-4211.

Participating Pharmacies:



Phone Number

Anson Pharmacy

25684 Dixie Hwy

Perrysburg, OH 43551


Erie Drug

4502 Lewis Ave

Toledo, OH 43612


Holland Discount Pharmacy Counter

909 S. McCord Rd. Suite 1

Holland, OH 43528


Kahler Pharmacy

1941 Airport Highway

Toledo, OH 43614


Maumee Discount Pharmacy

1398 Conant St. Suite

Maumee, OH 43537


Mercy Family Care Center

2213 Franklin Avenue

Toledo, OH 43620


Mercy Healthcare Center

2200 Jefferson

Toledo, OH 43604


Mercy St. Anne

3404 W. Sylvania Ave.

Toledo, OH 43623


Mercy St. Charles

3316 Navarre Ave. Suite E

Oregon, OH 43616


Mercy St. Vincent

2213 Cherry St.

Toledo, OH 43608


Monroe Pharmacy

4122 Monroe St.

Toledo , OH 43606


Contact name: Richard Grubb

Promedica Pharmacy Counter

1515 S. Byrne Rd.

Toledo, OH 43614


Option #7

Promedica Pharmacy Counter

2655 W. Central Ave

Toledo, OH 43606


Option #7

Promedica Pharmacy Counter

2100 W. Central Ave

Toledo, Oh 43606


Option #7

Promedica Pharmacy Counter

3144 W. Central Ave.

Toledo, OH 43606


Option #7

Promedica Pharmacy Counter

2701 Navarre Ave.

Oregon, OH 43614


Option #7

Promedica Pharmacy Counter at Promedica Health & Wellness Center

5700 Monroe St. Suite 112 Sylvania, OH 43560


Option #7

Ryan Pharmacy

3340 Dorr St.

Toledo, OH 43607


Sylvania Pharmacy

7640 West Sylvania Ave.

Suite C-1

Sylvania, OH 43560


Contact name: Richard Grubb

Toledo Family Pharmacy 

324 Main Street

Toldeo, OH 43605


Westgate Family Pharmacy
3147 W. Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43606